Couple died by suicide when girl's family raised objection on their relationship

Kannauj: The cases of murders and suicides are increasing all over the country. And after listening to these news, there is a fear-like situation in the heart and mind of the people. Today, we are going to give news about a case, after hearing it your senses will be blown. This is the case where a couple of Kannauj committed suicide by hanging themselves. Both were residents of the same village. But their relation was different. In their love story, caste had become the biggest villain, due to which both of them committed suicide. 

Police took the body in the possession and sent it to the hospital for post-mortem. The forensic team is engaged in action at the scene. It is being said that both loved each other very much and also wanted to get married. Both hanged themselves from a mango tree in the village. The police is investigating this case where the parents of the woman had information about this love affair. So they wanted their daughter to get married to someone else. The girl's wedding procession was to be held on 25 November. The couple got upset and both decided to commit suicide.

It has been learned that when the villagers came to work in the fields around 6 o'clock on Tuesday, they were surprised to see both of them hanging. The villagers informed the family and police about the incident. As soon as the information was received, the police reached the site of the incident and took the bodies in their possession and sent it for postmortem. The forensic team also reached the spot. In-charge Indrapal Saroj has said that this case is of suicide. But the further investigation will be done after the post mortem report. Police have found an envelope under the mango tree. The sweets which were kept in the envelope, have also been taken by the police and they sent it to the lab for investigation.

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