12-year-old girl sleeping outside house, body found 200 km away

Kanpur: A four-pronged case has recently come to light from Kanpur in UP. Shocking incident has come to known about what has happened in this case. In fact, the charred body of a 12-year-old girl was found in Kanpur countryside. Surprisingly, the girl was sleeping outside her house at night but disappeared in the morning. His body was recovered about 200 short of the house when he was found in the morning. The girl reportedly did not even have clothes on her body. A cot has also been recovered during this period. The girl's family has suspected rape of the girl.

The incident took place late last Wednesday night at Jaitapur in Mangalpur. On the issue, the farmer's family says, 'The girl was sleeping on a cot outside the house. Her grandmother was sleeping on another cot next to her. The girl was missing when he woke up in the morning. On search, the charred body of the girl was found in the guava garden, about 200 short of the house. The victim's family has now accused of burning her baby alive after the rape.'

They suspect that the criminals first raped the girl and then burnt her alive for fear of being caught. ASP Ghanshyam Chaurasia and forensic team are reportedly investigating the case. In the case, police have recovered a burnt cot from Kharanji Marg in the village and police suspect that an attempt has been made to kidnap the girl from outside the house and burn her. At the same time, the killers dumped her body in the garden. Police are investigating the case.

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