Kanpur: A shopkeeper's bill going viral with ''Islam is the only solution written''

Lucknow: Some businessmen in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, are working to spread jihadist ideology through business establishments. They are said to be inspired by IAS Iftikharuddin, who promoted Islamic conversion. Iftikharuddin has been the Commissioner of Kanpur Division and chairman of the State Transport Corporation. The bill that these shopkeepers in Kanpur are paying to the customer's reads, 'Islam Is The Only Solution'

It is learnt that these shopkeepers in Kanpur are using the bill to propagate Islam. An Islamic message is being written on the bill and given to customers. The Police Commissioner has entrusted the Local Intelligence Unit (LIU) with the responsibility of detecting such cases. In the bill slip that is going viral on social media, the shopkeeper has replaced the name of the business establishment with his mobile number and has written an Islamic message after the list of the same and the total price. Tell me, former IAS Iftikharuddin has been using the same slogan. Police Commissioner Asim Arun has said that the person has been identified after taking cognizance of the matter. He has also assured strict action. Other such people are also being traced.

However, the mobile number entered on the slip is currently switched off. The slip belongs to a rubber shop on Meston Road which has switched off its mobile number after the slip went viral on social media. It is learnt that the businessman belongs to Hasin and Company India, which sells cow, buffalo and goat skin in Kanpur to shopkeepers. This has been traced to Bisati Bazar on Meston Road. This company works for 5-10 employees. It delivers dry rubber materials, buffalo and goat raw skin and leather made from it. Tell us that in a country like India where people believe in 'Sarva dharma Sambhava' and believe that man can reach God through various means, such cases are a threat to the sovereignty and mutual brotherhood of the country.  Because the controversy will start only when one tries to prove oneself superior to the other, whereas all religions are respected in India.

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