Electricity workers went to take action against defaulters, got beaten up

Kanpur: A big news has come from Kanpur Dehat in Uttar Pradesh. In fact, the electricity employees who had gone to disconnect the connections of electricity bill defaulters under Police Station Amrahat here were brutally assaulted by the villagers and tore the records. On the other hand, seeing the angry villagers, the electricity employees who had gone to cut the connection ran away to save their lives, but due to this, a video of the assault on a youth present on the spot and made it viral on social media, after which the victim employees have given a complaint in the police station.


The police are registering a case on the basis of the complaint of the employees and are looking for the accused who assaulted them. In this case, on the orders of the government, the electricity staff of sub-station Sikandra, Shiv Singh, contract line worker, Hamrahi Kuldeep Kumar, Vivek Kumar, Ashish Singh, Nafees Ali, Manoj Kumar, Rahul Kumar, Dharambir, contract workers along with the electricity bill defaulters in village Maheshpur had reached the village in Maheshpur to disconnect the connection of the consumers.


However, in the meantime, three unidentified persons, along with the villagers Pramod Kumar and Pushpendra, who were present at the spot, came and started abusing and assaulting them. When the electricity employees resisted, they ran the employees and snatched the government documents and tore them. However, during this time, a young man present in the village made a video of the assault on the electricity workers and made it viral on social media. On the other hand, taking cognizance of the video going viral on the electricity employees and social media, the police have started a search for the accused who were beaten up.

Regarding the assault on the electricity employees, in this case, the police said, "Along with the electricity workers, two named and three unidentified persons of the village started a scuffle and were beaten up and taken hostage. As per the act information of 112, the police rescued the electricity personnel from the possession of the villagers, after which legal action was taken by registering a case against two named and three unidentified persons.''


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