Kanye West's shocking revelations about Kim

The controversial divorce and custody of children between Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have been going on for a long time. Kanye was very upset with the arrival of Kim's new boyfriend between the two. However, he has divorced Kim Kardashian, but despite this, he is not ready to leave her. He says Kim prevents him from meeting his children. Now how much truth there is in this, both of them will know correctly. But the way all these things are getting to be heard now, somewhere in the coming days, the relationship between the two is going to get worse.

Amid the controversial divorce and custody battle between Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, according to media reports, they are now claiming that the founders of their celebrity friend SKIMS are still afraid to support them in public. The 44-year-old rapper recently tweeted on his Instagram later this week and has shared a series of tweets posted through conservative media personality Candace Owens. In Snaps, Candace was showing support for Kanye and has spoken that Kim had done wrong about allowing North on TikTok. "There is no 8-year-old in the world who needs social media. Got addicted."

Kanye wrote to him about this, "Thank you Candace for being the only notable person to speak on this matter. There are a lot of celebrities who are scared to say anything in public, but they send me messages privately and say on my side. What should I do to hug my children now, my mother took me to Chicago at the age of 3.''

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