Kanye West's name change request is approved, and his new name is Ye

Kanye West's request to officially change his name to "Ye," with no middle or family name, was approved by a Los Angeles court today. Judge Michelle Williams Court in Los Angeles approved the singer's request, which he filed on August 24 and said was for personal reasons.

"Ye," the 44-year-old performer's eighth studio album, was released in June 2018. It has, however, been his Twitter handle for quite some time. According to Deadline, the artist remarked in an interview with radio host Big Boy in the same year that he believes "ye" is "the most often used word in the Bible," and that it means "you" in the Bible. Meanwhile, Merriam Webster agrees with the meaning, but notes that it is a plural form of "you," not a single one, and that it is "mostly used in religious or literary discourse nowadays." The more prevalent use of the term as an archaic form of "the," as in "Ye olde abbey," is the second meaning.

On Twitter in 2018, the rapper, music producer, and apparel entrepreneur revealed that he is no longer "the being officially known as Kanye West... I am YE." While some may refer to Ye as an alter ego, West clarified in a subsequent tweet: "Without his ego, who or what is Kanye West? It's just you." Despite the rumours of a divorce, Ye's ex-wife, Kim Kardashian West, has kept his former surname, even using it for her SNL appearance two weeks ago. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star isn't sure how she'll keep up with Ye now.

Ye's name change is the most recent upheaval in the star's life. In addition, he recently offered his ranch and business properties in northern Wyoming for USD 11 million.. In 2019, Ye relocated from California to Wyoming.

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