Kapil met one of his fans abroad

Fans of tv's famous comedian Kapil Sharma are not only in India, but all over the world. In every city, whichever country Kapil goes to, he finds someone who wants him. As recently as he bumped into his fan in Canada. Kapil has also shared the video of the conversation with the fan on social media.  

These days Kapil Sharma has gone on a tour of Canada with his team, where he is also having a lot of fun. Due to this, Kapil met one of his fans at Vancouver (Vancouver) Airport. Just then what happened, couldn't Kapil make a video with the fan.   


A post shared by Kapil Sharma (@kapilsharma)

In the video, Kapil asks the fan how do you know me and my show. To this question of Kapil, the fan replied - I watch your shows on YouTube. After this, Kapil speaks that if you understand Hindi, then the fan told that Kapil Sharma watches the show with English or subtitles. That is, Kapil works as well as he does. Fans watch his show with the same vigour.  

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