Comedian Kapil Sharma who once sold scarfs entered the comedy world like this
Comedian Kapil Sharma who once sold scarfs entered the comedy world like this

Kapil Sharma is celebrating his birthday today. In just a few years, Kapil Sharma has become a brand in itself. Kapil's comedy show 'The Kapil Sharma Show', when it comes on television, the whole of India laughs with him. The popularity of Kapil Sharma's show can be gauged from the fact that even the big stars of Bollywood apply to come to Kapil Sharma's show to promote their films. Not only this, a foreign player like Brett Lee also had to come to Kapil Sharma's show to promote his album.  

Kapil Sharma hails from Amritsar. When Kapil Sharma started struggling, he had no godfather in the entertainment world, starting his journey from scratch, Kapil reached his peak and started ruling the world of comedy. Even though today Kapil is touching the heights of fame. But in his early days, he lived in a small house. Today he is living the lifestyle that millions of people yearn for. But there was a time when the people of his own district did not recognize him. Kapil Sharma has struggled as a theatre artist long before he came to Mumbai and became a star. When he was in class 10th, he used to work in a PCO for pocket money. Not only this, Kapil used to sell scarfs to run the house. According to Kapil, his father's health was very bad at that time, due to which there was a lot of money in the house. Because of this, he had to work at a very young age. He used to work in a PCO and a clothing store to pay his school fees.

Kapil has told in one of his interviews that at one time he was very short of money. The shortcoming was also such that he was not even able to get his sister married. According to Kapil, money was needed for the sister's wedding, apart from this, a beautiful ring was also to be taken. But due to less money, he was not able to buy the ring. He told that in 2007 my sister's marriage was fixed. But her mother-in-law wanted us to have a wonderful ring ceremony. We had some 6 lakh rupees, even out of those rupees 3.5 lakhs went away due to father's illness, whereas it was very difficult to get married for only 2.5 lakhs. Seeing 'The Great Indian Laughter Challenge' on television, Kapil took part in it but he dropped out in the audition in Amritsar. Kapil did not give up and he again auditioned again from Amritsar to Delhi and this time Kapil was not only selected but also captured the title of 'The Great Indian Laughter Challenge' season three (2007). And this is how Kapil Sharma started his career.

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