Kapil Sharma benefited immensely due to 'Firangi'

Kapil Sharma, the famous comedian of the entertainment world, has been a part of the entertainment world for many years. He has seen his stake of hits and flops. Now on January 28, Kapil Sharma's standup comedy show is coming up on Netflix. It is called 'Kapil Sharma: I Am Not Done Yet.' Recently, the comedian got involved with his friend and comic stand-up Anubhav Singh Bassi. Due to this, the two discussed many other things with the Standup Act.

During this time, Kapil Sharma openly spoke about his weight loss journey. Due to this discussion, Anubhav showed Kapil those pictures on his Instagram account, which has a story behind it. One of them was a picture of Kapil Sharma working out in the morning, which the comedian shared on December 19, 2016.



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Talking about the same picture, Kapil joked that this picture is from the time of the shooting of the film 'Firangi.' I became Akshay Kumar at that time. Getting up at 4:30 a.m. every day and working out in the open. They were very overwhelming days. I made my own money and made a Firangi film. I didn't earn anything from this movie. Yes, but a good body must have been made because of it. Get up at four-thirty in the morning, work out. After exercise, I used to have breakfast and reach the sets at 7 am. That's the picture of that time.

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