Pankaj Tripathi reveals a shocking secret in Kapil's show, says, "I was in Jail...'

Sep 18 2019 10:26 AM
Pankaj Tripathi reveals a shocking secret in Kapil's show, says,

TV's very popular show 'The Kapil Sharma show' remain in headlines. Recently according to a source, it is reported that one new artist is coming on the show. Kapil's show this time is going to be very special. Yes, this time the guests of his show are going to be Kumar Vishwas, Pankaj Tripathi and Manoj Bajpayee, all three are very talented and popular. At the same time, recently the promo video of this upcoming episode has surfaced and after watching this video, it is clear that this time Kapil Sharma is going to be a big hit in the show. Indeed, during this time, all the secrets related to their lives will also be revealed. On the show, Pankaj Tripathi told that "he has also spent 7 days in jail".


In this viral video, Kapil Sharma during the conversation asks Pankaj Tripathi, "It is a rumour about you that you have spent 7 days in jail in college days?" Pankaj says, "Yes, I was in student politics." After that Kapil asks "Where did you get the idea of going into politics?" On this question, Pankaj said, "When you are young, it's your desire to go inside of several things" on this everyone laughed out loud. Let us tell you that even before this, Pankaj Tripathi has told that "he has been in jail during his college days".

At the same time, during the promotion of his film Super 30, Pankaj had said that "I was put in jail for a week for agitating during the college phase. It was okay to eat and drink in jail, but the outside world is not visible. Then you start making fantasies about the outside world. There was nothing to do, so during that time I started reading books and from there I became interested in books". ''

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