'Tejasswi Prakash Teri Bhabhi Hai' To whom Karan Kundrra says this?
'Tejasswi Prakash Teri Bhabhi Hai' To whom Karan Kundrra says this?

TV's famous stars Karan Kundrra and Tejasswi Prakash are one of the most loved couples of television. They have immersed fans on social media in love with their chemistry. From showering love on each other to teasing, they have won the hearts of fans with their bond. They are so special to each other that they can't tolerate even if someone raises an eye toward them.  

Recently, Karan revealed that he had written on a man's forehead that Tejasswi belongs to him. In one of his interviews, Karan Kundrra told how important Tejashwi is to him. Actually, there was talk about Karan's ex-girlfriend. The interviewer says that he had a crush on Karan's ex-girlfriend. On this, the actor asks that thankfully not on the present. Then Karan says that he had written on someone's forehead the day before yesterday that 'Tejasswi Prakash Teri Bhabhi Hai.' This shows how serious he is for Tejashwi.

Karan and Tejasswi, fondly called 'Tejran', fell in love with 'Bigg Boss 15', but few people know that they met many times during the shoot. However, at that time there was only a meeting between them, not a friendship. Later, both of them entered 'Bigg Boss' together. In the very first week, Karan had a crush on Tejasswi. Later, they became friends and then fell in love.

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