65 MLAs in support of CM Yediyurappa, will send letter to BJP's high command
65 MLAs in support of CM Yediyurappa, will send letter to BJP's high command

Bangalore: Amid speculation about a change in leadership, the stir in Karnataka's politics has once again intensified. The BJP is currently divided into two factions in the state over the CM. Many MLA are supporting a group that is demanding the removal of BS Yediyurappa According to sources, bjp MLA in support of Yediyurappa are going to sign a letter together demanding his removal and hand it over to the high command.

According to reports, there are more than 60 MLA who are supporting Yediyurappa, the BJP currently has 120 MLAs in the state. BJP MLA Renuka Acharya told the media that there are 65 MLAs who will sign the letter and send it to the high command and ask that Yediyurappa not be removed. Yediyurappa is the biggest face for BJP in Karnataka right now. However Yediyurappa himself said in his statement that there are many options in the state for the CM post.

Even after the MLA's revolt, speculations are rife that Yediyurappa will continue in his chair. Because Yediyurappa has succeeded several times in handling the party even without the help of MLAs. In such a situation, it is not so easy to remove him.

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