Karnataka Court dismisses Chinese woman's plea for visa renewal

BENGALURU: The Karnataka High Court has dismissed a Chinese national's request to direct authorities to grant her a visa extension, stating that the decision to enable her to stay in India till airline services to China restarted was left to the jurisdictional authorities.

The order was issued on Tuesday by a single bench led by Justice Krishna S. Dixit. The petitioner, 42-year-old Chinese lady Lee Dong, was served with a notice by the Foreigners Registration Office (FRRO) to leave India, and she has petitioned the court for a visa extension. Her visa was granted on June 22, 2019 and is valid until August 30, 2019. By that time, the petitioner will have departed India, the panel noted.

Due to the corona pandemic, her visa was extended until March 30, 2020. The petitioner has filed for a new extension with the authorities. The petitioner sought the court since the authorities had not taken any action, according to the bench.

According to international agreements, foreigners cannot be awarded additional rights or privileges than they already have. In this situation, questioning officials about why she is being ordered to leave the nation becomes a matter of abstinence. The court also noted that the petitioner remained in the country despite the authorities' refusal to grant him authorization.

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