Karnataka: Drowning Kumaraswamy hopes on 'crisis-redeemer', will Shivkumar win rebel MLAs' confidence

Jul 13 2019 05:26 PM
Karnataka: Drowning Kumaraswamy hopes on 'crisis-redeemer', will Shivkumar win rebel MLAs' confidence

Bengaluru: Amid the ongoing political crisis in Karnataka, veteran Congress leaders have also begun an exercise to persuade the MLAs who resigned on Saturday. A day earlier, CM HD Kumaraswamy had shocked everyone by demanding a majority test in the Assembly. Efforts have also been made to woo the rebel MLAs. Congress minister and Water Resources Minister D K Shivkumar arrived at the residence of Housing Minister MTB Nagaraj at around 5 a.m. and held discussions with him for five hours.

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According to reports, Deputy CM G. Parmeshwar also reached Nagaraj's residence and urged him to withdraw his resignation. Efforts are also on to celebrate Ramling Reddy, Maniratna and R Roshan Beg. After the meeting, Nagaraj and Shivkumar also hinted at staying together in front of the media. Nagaraj has said that the situation had become such that he resigned, but now DK Shivkumar and others have come and requested him to withdraw his resignation.

"I will talk to K. Sudhakar Rao and then see what to do next. After all, I have spent many decades in Congress. On the other hand, DK Shivkumar has even said that the party should live together after working for 40 years and die together. He said that every family keeps up and downs. "We should forget and move on," Shivkumar said. I am happy that Nagaraj has assured that he will continue with us. '

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