Karnataka HC acquits woman accused of killing her epileptic child

BENGALURU: A woman accused of killing her sick infant who was two months old has been acquitted by the Karnataka High Court.

In 2016, the infant's 33-year-old mother in the Tumakuru district of Koratagere town threw the child, who had a respiratory condition and epilepsy, into a river. She has been sentenced to a life sentence and a Rs 10,000 fine from the Madhugiri Trial Court. Given that she had already served six years in prison, the court recently ordered her immediate release.

The decision was made by a division bench consisting of Justices K. Somashekar and Shivashankar Amarannanavar. The prosecution has not provided any evidence to support its claims under IPC Section 302 (murder), according to the judgement of the bench.

The former order is revoked because the bench found it unjustified to sentence her to life in prison.

The mother had come to Koratagere with her husband and infant from the Andhra Pradesh district of Anantapur. She was unable to breastfeed the baby since it had epilepsy and respiratory issues. She allegedly dropped her kid into the Swarnamukhi river after consulting with doctors. Later, she maintained that robbers had attacked and taken away her jewels and infant.

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