Karnataka: Man gifts tenant innerwear, FIR filed

BENGALURU: Authorities in Karnataka have filed a complaint against a man for reportedly delivering lingerie to his tenant on her birthday in exchange for sexual favours, according to police.

The tenant, a 42-year-old schoolteacher, filed a complaint with Bengaluru's Hanumanthanagar police station against Padmanabha, the landlord, a Srinagar neighbourhood resident. The woman has lived in the rented residence for the past 12 years, according to the police. Padmanabha supposedly gave her the gift on her birthday. She was surprised to see lingerie packaged inside the box when she opened it. The accused then began inviting her out on dates and soliciting sexual favours over the phone.

When the schoolteacher refused his requests, he began requesting that she leave the residence. The woman claimed that he once leaped the gate and locked her from the outside while she was asleep inside. The landlord was questioned by the police and claimed that a fake complaint had been filed against him after he asked her to evacuate the residence.

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