Dunk man bites snake into pieces for blocking his path

May 07 2020 12:50 PM
Dunk man bites snake into pieces for blocking his path

The case that has come out of Bengaluru has surprised everyone. In this case, a snake came on the road in front of a drunkard and he stopped the bike and caught the snake. Thereafter, what he did will surprise you. Yes, after this, the 38-year-old young man cut the snake with teeth and cut it into many pieces and also peeled the skin.

The case is being reported from Mustur village in Kolar district of Karnataka, where the youth has been arrested after the matter came to light. In this case, the youth has been identified as Kumar. If the news is to be believed, Forest Officer of Mulbagal Range KN Ravikirthi said, "The forest officials caught Kumar in Mustur on Wednesday and a case has been registered against him under the Wildlife Protection Act. He was heavily intoxicated. "With this, Ravikirthi said," Kumar's crime is non-bailable and can be imprisoned for up to three years. "

In this case, the police have collected pieces of dead snake and sent to a laboratory to find its species. According to the information received, on May 4, after some shops were allowed to sell liquor, on Tuesday, Kumar went to buy liquor and first he drank heavily and after that he started returning home by bike. Then it all happened. In this case, the young man says that he has bitten the snake because the snake had troubled him many times.

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