Tanvi, who is not able to separate Bajaj and Prerna, what will be her next step?

Aug 20 2019 11:05 AM
Tanvi, who is not able to separate Bajaj and Prerna, what will be her next step?

These days TV show KZK2 is constantly coming up with twists. At Kukki's birthday party in the past, Bajaj brings a surprise gift for her daughter, which is recognized by Prerna and it makes Kuki happy. Bajaj, on the other hand, is happy to see Kukki. Veena, on the other hand, knows for the first time that Bajaj has a daughter and after that, she recounts Prerna very bad. Veena, on the other hand, says that how she can say that Bajaj is better than Anurag and she tells Prerna that it is not easy to raise a child because she has to raise. Prerna, on the other hand, goes to Veena by saying that she will handle everything.

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Then Tanvi says that today at the party Bajaj will dance and Bajaj is surprised to hear this. On the other hand, Tanvi grabs Bajaj's hand and starts a romantic dance, which Kuki does not like, and then cookie grabs the hand of the Prerna and gives it to Bajaj's hand and the two dance.

After that, Mohini who is standing there remembers how once Prerna and Anurag performed in the Basu Bari and then Mohini would leave. On the other hand, Auntie takes the opportunity to go to the mother of Prerna and tries to insult her. That's where Veena tells her that she doesn't know who she is. Then Auntie says she knows because it's her party.

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She then says that the contract was given to her by the aunt. Aunt Veena, on the other hand, says that she married Bajaj for money and she says how much money she will take to leave Bajaj. At the time, Veena gets angry and says she would go and ask Bajaj if her mother-in-law came to his wedding.

She didn't want Prerna and Bajaj to get married. Her whole family did not want Bajaj. Mohini standing outside hears this and thinks about how wrong she was for Veena. She then thinks that Veena doesn't like Bajaj too and Auntie goes there and tells Tanvi that she tried hard to provoke Veena but she didn't provoke, but they have another way to separate Bajaj and Prerna.

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