Katy Perry has her terms and conditions before collaborating with this project

Sep 18 2020 03:59 PM
Katy Perry has her terms and conditions before collaborating with this project

Katy Perry is one of the amazing singers and has a massive fan following. Talk about 2020, then it has been one of the notable years for famous group Blackpink. After a long wait extending for more than a year and a half, the Blinks were treated in a better manner with a three-part comeback from the quartet. This included 'How You Like That' as well as their legendary collaboration with Selena Gomez for 'Ice Cream'. The final return step will see the South Korean girl group drop their first studio album Blackpink: The Album next month.

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Besides Selena, this leading group has also jointly produced music with Lady Gaga named as Sour Candy and with Dua Lipa for Kiss and Make Up. Now the question comes, whom will the Blackpink collab with and would Katy Perry like to work with the girl gang. In an interview with a leading Thai daily, this amazing singer was asked about possible collaborations to which the 35-year-old singer admitted that she would be up for it, depending on the song more than the artist. When it comes to a possible collab with K-pop artists, Perry said that she would welcome it if the song is amazing and authentic as she doesn't want to be a part of "a trend."

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Instead, she would love to be a part of "a movement." Speaking specifically about Blackpink, Katy shared her views with a leading daily, "To be honest, I feel like some of that can be just people trying to make numbers. And, I’m not here to make numbers. I’m here to move hearts. So if Blackpink has the dopest song that makes me feel sexy or makes me feel connected, or whatever, I’m totally there."

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