KBC 11: Big B got displeased with this contestants' response, gave this advice
KBC 11: Big B got displeased with this contestants' response, gave this advice

The 13th season of the television world's famous game show 'Kaun Banega Crorepati' is underway these days. Every episode of the show gives interesting stories. That's what happened in Monday's episode that angered Amitabh. In fact, Mustafa Pardwala, who came from Dombivali in Maharashtra on Monday, managed to sit on the hot seat. Mustafa is a businessman. Mustafa already used the lifeline on the question. He was asked:

Q: Ajay Devgan's debut movie named 'Fool Aur...' Complete.

Answer: Kante

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Unable to answer this easy question, Mustafa said he doesn't watch movies, so he doesn't know. Amitabh Bachchan expressed displeasure and said, "That's not the right thing to do." It is this that makes our bread work. He advised Mustafa to watch films. Mustafa was asked the next question:

Question: Which of these phrases is used to indicate a lot of time.

Answer: The Age of Baba Adam

Question: Which of these is used by two wheeler vehicle manufacturer Bajaj?

Answer: Our Bajaj

To answer the fourth question, Mustafa took the help of the Fifty-Fifty Lifeline. Not answering this question, Amitabh asked how you account if you do business. Mustafa says he takes the help of a calculator for accounting.

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Question: Which of these is different from the rest?

Answer: 40% of 120

Question: Where is the National Gandhi Museum located in Delhi?

Answer: Rajghat

Mustafa could not answer this question and got out of the game. He could win only 80 thousand. He said his father had passed away due to lung cancer. After that, he is running the family's expenses. Mustafa's shop is located in Mumbai's famous Chor Bazaar. His father used to run the same shop.

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