Kawardha Govt School sets record with 100 pc board results

Kawardha : As a historic milestone, a government school in Kawardha, Chhattisgarh, has made a record by getting 100 percent scores in board exams for the past five years! This school, which is located in Kapada village, has made a name for itself by having 100% of its students pass their board exams. This year, all 86 students in class 12 and 150 students in class X passed with honours.

According to school administrators, the key behind 100 percent exam results is the passion of the teachers, who come to school every day without taking any time off and teach the children with complete dedication and sincerity.
Festivals and government holidays are also observed, with Holi and Diwali being the only holidays observed throughout the year. Furthermore, special attention is paid to all students' doubts, and the syllabus is completed on time so that students have ample time to completely review the material. "We give all amenities and ensure that they attend courses every day," said school principal Roop Chand Jaiswal. We target the students that are struggling."
Kapada High School opened in 2012 with 19 students and three professors. Pandariya Block is 10 kilometres away from Kapada.

The school administration, in collaboration with the local government, has made significant progress in overcoming space constraints, heavy rains, infrastructural deficiencies, and other issues. However, today, this school, which serves hundreds of kids from over 27 communities, records their attendance on a daily basis.

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