Keep the eggplant under the pillow to sleep, the next day will see the big miracle

Jun 17 2019 09:08 PM
Keep the eggplant under the pillow to sleep, the next day will see the big miracle

Say every human being in the world wants success in his life. A day comes in everyone's life when misfortune leaves the chase and suddenly the peace and tranquility of the house comes back. At times, everything is broken, and every member of the household indulges in wrongdoing and the children of the household do not study, i.e., all the members of the household become lazy. Even after working hard at that time, it doesn't bear fruit, and it makes you feel like someone has done something in your home.

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Yes, if you are seeing such problems in the house, it means that Rahu's Mahadasha is going on with Saturn, not only with two members of the house, the condition of Rahu with Saturn or the Mahadasha of Saturn with Rahu. If it happens, all the members of the household are disturbed. Yes, now we're going to tell you about a measure of brinjal that you can get rid of after you've finished. For this, you take two brinjals on Saturdays and this is the mantra in the opposite direction of your head' take the war nine times while chanting ' Now donate the brinjal to the sweeper or the workers.

At the same time, you can donate brinjal to the ashram of the disabled or to the poor for the peace of your home on Saturdays, and if you have been forced to go to jail for some reason or if you want peace or tranquillity on Saturdayor. Donate brinjal to the sweeper on the day of Amavasya. It is said that with this you will feed a dog, a cat or a cow with brinjal, which will remove your home discord and maintain peace of your home. Make sure that this brinjal method does not take place on the revered side and the doomsday date of Kartik month.

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