Before death, if you have these 4 things then you will also get heaven
Before death, if you have these 4 things then you will also get heaven

It is said in the Garuda Purana that if you have 4 special materials while you die, then Yamraj also salutes you and does not punish you. Yes, though we know that good deeds result in good and bad deeds result in bad. In this case, if the scriptures are believed, then if you have some special things while you die, then Yamraj forgives you. So let's know about them today.

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Tulsi - It is said that if the basil plant is near the head, then the soul of the human is saved from Lord Yam after renouncing the body and if the leaves of tulsi are placed on the forehead of a dying person, then he gets heaven directly, not punishment.

Ganga water - It is said that at the time of death, leaving Ganga water in one's mouth gives heaven. In fact, when a person sacrifices his body with purity, he does not even have to be punished in Yamalog.

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Shri Bhagwat - It is said that reciting Shri Bhagwat or his scripture in the last moments of death gives the person freedom from all worldly attachment and thus liberates the person after the soul leaves the body and faces the Yamadanda. There is no heaven or rebirth. In such a situation, even if this sacred book is kept at the head, the soul gets freedom.

Good thinking - It is said that according to the scriptures, the person who has reached near death and the relatives living near it should also have good thoughts regarding his soul and the person should not have any kind of anger or sorrow while dying. In such a situation, while praying, there should be only blessings and blessings on the lips.

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