Keep these precautions in Nautapa or else you will get sick

You all must know that from Wednesday 25 May 2022, the Sun has entered Rohini Nakshatra which will remain till 8 June 2022. Yes and the first 9 days are called Nautapa i.e. Nautapa will remain till 2nd June. During this, the chances of getting heatstroke, dehydration due to diarrhea, dysentery and vomiting increase. During this, many times the person's life also dies due to the heating of the blood in the head. Due to this, if you take some precautions, you will be saved. Today we are going to tell you the same precautions.

What to eat: Yogurt, butter, watermelon, melon, cucumber, gulukand, cucumber, onion, eat. Do not leave the house without eating anything.

What to drink: Drink coconut water, jaljeera, lemonade, lassi, whey (buttermilk), mango juice, bael juice and poppy seed syrup.

Mehndi: According to tradition, women apply mehndi on their hands and feet during Nautapa. This is because the effect of henna is cold.

Keep the body covered: Do not go out in open body during Nautapa, wear a cap, keep the ears covered and wear sunglasses on the eyes.

What to wear: Wear soft, soft, cotton clothes.
Glucose: Keep consuming glucose as per the requirement.

What to do in case of heatstroke: If the symptoms of heatstroke are seen, then apply onion juice on the soles of the feet or grate chopped onions.

What not to eat: Stay away from fried or spicy things, reduce the use of chili. Do not consume hot foods. Do not eat stale food. Drink clean water.

Take care of the temperature: Do not go into the sun or heat immediately after leaving the AC or do not go into the AC immediately due to high heat.

Avoid cold water: Do not drink cold or cold water. Drink pot of water.

If you are troubled by the pain in the joints, then apply this one thing by mixing it in mehndi, it will be relieved quickly

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