These things must be kept in the house to maintain happiness and peace

Sep 20 2019 04:20 PM
These things must be kept in the house to maintain happiness and peace

Every person in the world wants that there will always be happiness and prosperity in his house and with this, everyone wants that the Gods reside in their homes. To achieve all this, people do charity along with worship in their home. It is said that by doing this, there is peace in the house, but do you know that in one incident of Mahabharata, Shri Krishna has told Yudhishthira about some such holy things, which are kept in the house only by keeping the grace of the Gods and Goddesses. And happiness and prosperity come at home. Now today we are going to tell you about those things.

Chandan - It is said that sandalwood is considered very sacred. The negative energy of the atmosphere is eliminated by its smell. Along with this, sandalwood has special importance in the worship of all the deities. It is said that sandalwood is applied and its tilak brings peace to the mind.

Veena - It is said that Goddess Saraswati's, the goddess of wisdom and education, the favorite instrument is Veena and if Veena is kept in the house, the wisdom of all the members will be developed by the grace of Saraswati. With this, you will get inspiration to maintain patience even in difficult situations.

Ghee - It is said that ghee should always be kept in the house and it should be consumed regularly. Yes, Ghee provides strength and keeps the body healthy and a lamp of ghee should be lit every evening in the house. It's profitable.

Honey - According to Vastu keeping honey in the house calms many defects of Vastu. Yes and at the same time, honey is also necessary for worship.

Water - It is said that clean water should always be filled in the house and whenever a guest comes home, first of all, he should be given cold water for drinking. At the same time, many defects of the horoscope are removed from it.

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