Remember These Tips in Summer, or Else Your AC or Fridge Might Blast
Remember These Tips in Summer, or Else Your AC or Fridge Might Blast

Rising temperatures due to heatwaves are proving to be deadly not only for humans but also for wildlife. Along with the adverse effects on health due to the heatwave, news of malfunctioning refrigerators and air conditioners is also emerging. Amidst the scorching heat, it is essential to take care of health and ensure proper maintenance of appliances used in homes to stay safe and prevent mishaps such as breakdowns and blasts.

The mercury has crossed 50 degrees in many places, and amidst the intense heat, refrigerators and air conditioners seem nothing less than a boon to people. However, due to some mistakes, accidents can occur. It is necessary to keep in mind some things regarding the maintenance of appliances like refrigerators and air conditioners during the extreme heat. So let's find out.

Avoid placing the refrigerator against the wall
In most homes, refrigerators are placed sticking to the wall. Due to this mistake, there is a risk of current leakage in case of a wiring fault. The compressor works to increase the cooling in the refrigerator, and when it runs for a long time, the back of the refrigerator becomes hot. In such a situation, when gas gets trapped in the gas coil, there is a risk of a blast.

Keep these things in mind while setting the refrigerator
During the summer, people keep vegetables and fruits in the refrigerator; try not to overcrowd the refrigerator with more items than necessary.
The coil of the refrigerator should be kept clean, and if any unusual noise comes from the compressor, immediately switch off the refrigerator and show it to a mechanic.
The refrigerator should be placed about 15 inches away from the wall, and it should not be kept on continuously for long periods.
While setting up the refrigerator, check the electrical wiring, power plug, etc., thoroughly.

Pay attention while setting the temperature of the air conditioner
In recent days, there have been reports of air conditioners bursting. In such a situation, it is necessary to take some precautions. People tend to reduce the temperature excessively due to the heat, which affects the compressor and increases the risk of a blast.

Pay attention to the wiring
Special attention should be paid to the place and wiring. Many times, the fear of explosion in the air conditioner is due to a short circuit in the wire. Try to call a trained mechanic instead of setting up the air conditioner yourself at home. Similarly, if the air conditioner is old, get it checked once before starting it.

Pay attention when buying
It is also necessary to keep in mind some things when buying an air conditioner. Buying an air conditioner by looking at a good brand and star rating is correct. An air conditioner with copper coil is more suitable than aluminum. While buying an air conditioner, pay attention to how big or small the area where it will be installed is.

As the mercury rises, ensuring the proper maintenance of appliances like refrigerators and air conditioners becomes paramount. By adhering to the guidelines outlined in this article, individuals can mitigate the risk of accidents and safeguard their homes and loved ones during the sweltering summer months. Remember, proactive maintenance today can prevent catastrophic incidents tomorrow.

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