Keep your hair healthy like this during the rainy season

Jun 07 2020 08:03 PM
Keep your hair healthy like this during the rainy season

Most of the women are worried due to more hair fall in the monsoon season. By gradually falling hair, the hair becomes thinner gradually. Obviously, there will be concern about this. In order to reduce hair fall, you are in a hurry to get any medical shampoo, hair treatment, which starts to damage the hair even more. If you do not want to fall hair even during the rainy season, you can try some home remedies that will make your hair healthy:

Massage hair with hot oil
Often some people do not apply oil to hair. Applying oil to the hair gives them strength. You should massage the hair with oil, especially during the monsoon season. Massaging the scalp with warm oil for hair shine and strength, nourishes the hair. Massage with oil is a better option to keep the scalp skin healthy and strengthen the hair from the root.

Neem and Coconut Oil
It acts as an anti-fungal oil against fungus causing itching and redness in the scalp skin. Apply neem and coconut oil together on the head. It acts as an antiseptic against dandruff and itching of the scalp.

Oil and camphor
To keep the head and hair cool, mix camphor in oil and apply it on the scaple. This is a better way to relieve dandruff and itching.

Yogurt and lemon
Applying curd and lemon together reduces hair fall. Works as a natural moisturizer for hair in the rain. It removes dryness of the scalp. Get rid of dandruff problem. Mix yogurt and lemon together and apply it on the scalp. Allow to dry for a while, then wash the hair.

Neem paste and yogurt
Mixing the paste of neem leaves with curd and applying it on the scalp, reduces hair loss, white hair problem. Hair looks long, shiny and beautiful.

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