Keeps the face cool in the heat with Aloe-Vera, Learn its Benefits

May 31 2019 10:30 PM
Keeps the face cool in the heat with Aloe-Vera, Learn its Benefits

To keep the face cool in summer, you can use the Aloe vera. This reduces the irritation of your face and the skin becomes soft too. It will give you beautiful skin without any harm. After this, today we are going to tell you how you can use aloe vera according to your skin. So let's know about it.

For rustic skin
Aloe vera gel is very good for moisturizing the skin. Just mix aloe vera gel with olive oil, honey and almond oil. Put it on the face and then wash after half an hour. It will keep your face moisturizing for a long time and will remove the wrinkles falling before the age.

For Oily Skin
Mix a little aloe vera gel and tomato juice with curd and lighten the massage with this paste on the face. This will remove the face of the face and the marks of acne will also be erased. Leave this paste for 20 minutes on face and then wash the face.

For sensitive skin
Whose skin is sensitive, acne comes very quickly on their face, and their age is also known soon. If your skin is too sensitive then make aloe vera and papaya paste, it will help you a lot. It hydrate the skin and protects it from the skin. Apart from this, glow comes on the face immediately.

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