Kejriwal raised questions, bulldozing won't be tolerated

New Delhi:  Arvind Kejriwal, the Delhi Chief Minister, has questioned the BJP-run Municipal Corporation of Delhi's bulldozer action. He claimed that the BJP was solely interested in winning elections.

People have papers, Kejriwal said, and they are claiming that they have papers, but they are using bulldozers and taking direct action. At the very least, those individuals should have been given a chance.

'BJP is stating it will eliminate all encroachment from Delhi,' stated CM Kejriwal. Encroachment is also something we oppose. We also don't want to see any invasion. Delhi has not been constructed in a planned manner over the last seventy years. 'It is not right to destroy people's homes with a bulldozer,' the CM stated. This is something we strongly oppose. I just spoke to a group of AAP legislators and told them not to be afraid of going to jail. You must take the side of the people. This racism and gullibility are not acceptable.

What has the BJP done in MCD during the last 15 years? Do they have moral and legal authority when their term expires in two days? Make an election in MCD, and your government will be created. We guarantee that we will find a solution to the encroachment problem in Delhi.

Chief Minister Kejriwal made a major accusation against the BJP, saying, "The BJP has a plan to evict 63 lakh people." People are pleading for mercy, but no papers are being seen, and bulldozers are being used without hesitation. The BJP promised during the election that the raw colonies, where the slums are located, would provide people with housing. They're about to destroy their homes.

Because of the way Delhi was developed and grown, 80 percent of Delhi is considered unlawful or encroachment. Approximately 80% of Delhi will be encroached upon. So the question is, will 80 percent of Delhi be destroyed?' he said.

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