Terrorists brutally killed 6 people, burnt 4 alive

Nairobi: Islamic fundamentalists brutally killed six people in a border village in Kenya. The fundamentalists slit the throat of one, while four were set on fire alive. Right there, one was shot in the head. Police said the incident took place in a village along the Somalia border. Somalia's own terror group Al Shabaab is behind the incident. For the past decade, the terror group has entered Kenya and killed civilians. The houses of the victims were also set on fire by the militants in the incident in Lamu County.

Here, the terrorists sanded the throat of a man. Bullet marks were found in the head of another deceased. However, four bodies with their hands tied and burnt alive have been recovered. It was getting harder to identify them. In 2011, Kenya also sent an Army contingent to Somalia to control Al-Shabaab. The terror group has attacked a shopping mall in Nairobi in 2013 as well as a university in the northeast in 2015.

Kenya's Army is still stationed in Somalia under the African Union Peacekeeping Force. Kenya police have arrested 8 accused in the case. The incident is said to have started in the month of January. The body of the man who was shot was recovered from the roadside. The house of the one whose throat was slit was looted and set on fire. However, Kenyan police have not revealed the name of the terror outfit so far. The attack is also being linked to a property dispute of locals.

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