Kerala: 28th IFFK to Honor Mrinal Sen on Birth Centenary & Celebrate Legends in Cinema
Kerala: 28th IFFK to Honor Mrinal Sen on Birth Centenary & Celebrate Legends in Cinema

Thiruvananthapuram: The 28th International Film Festival of Kerala (IFFK) is set to celebrate the birth centenary of the esteemed filmmaker Mrinal Sen by showcasing five of his remarkable films. Scheduled from December 8th to 15th in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, the festival aims to present a global array of exceptional cinematic works.

Paying tribute in its 'homage' category, the festival will honor twelve legends, spotlighting eleven outstanding films that underscore the brilliance of renowned artists within the film industry. Among these tributes is the screening of Mrinal Sen's acclaimed films such as 'Bhuvan Shome,' 'Calcutta 71,' 'Akaler Sandhane,' 'Padatik,' and 'Ek Din Pratidin.'

The 'homage' section further features diverse cinematic gems, including Dariush Mehrjui's Iranian masterpiece 'A Minor,' previously awarded the lifetime achievement honor at the 19th IFFK. Sumitra Peries, Sri Lanka's pioneering female director, will be commemorated through the screening of her film 'The Tree Goddess.' Additionally, the festival pays homage to Spanish filmmaker Carlos Saura, recipient of IFFK's lifetime achievement award, by featuring 'Cousin Angelica.'

This section also showcases international classics like Ebrahim Golestan's 'Brick and Mirror,' Jacques Rozier's 'Adieu Philippine,' Terence Davies's 'Distant Voices, Still Lives,' and William Friedkin's 'The Exorcist.' Recognized directors K.G George and Siddique, alongside performances by veteran actors Innocent and Mamukkoya from the Malayalam film industry, will be highlighted. Standout selections include the tribute to K G George with the cult classic 'Yavanika' and honoring Siddique and Innocent through the timeless hit 'Ramjirao Speaking.' Mamukkoya's legacy will be celebrated through the screening of Kamal's award-winning movie 'Perumazhakkalam.'

The 'homage' category also features Adoor Gopalakrishnan's 'Vidheyan' as a tribute to the esteemed producer K Ravindranathan Nair, recognized with the prestigious JC Daniel award for his invaluable contributions to Malayalam cinema.

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