Kerala Budget 2024 Live: Finance Minister Outlines Plans Amid Central Neglect
Kerala Budget 2024 Live: Finance Minister Outlines Plans Amid Central Neglect

Kerala Finance Minister K N Balagopal presented the state's budget for the fiscal year 2024-25 in the assembly, highlighting plans to attract investments totaling Rs three lakh crore over the next three years. Expressing strong criticism against what he termed as central neglect, Balagopal emphasized that Kerala would not compromise on the welfare benefits provided to its people.

Pointing out the challenges faced due to central neglect, Balagopal hinted at the necessity of a 'Plan B' if Kerala continues to be sidelined. Despite the peak of neglect experienced in the previous fiscal year, he expressed optimism that legal and political battles, including those in the Supreme Court, could lead to improvements, particularly post-Lok Sabha elections.

Balagopal underscored the need for unity in combating central neglect, urging the opposition to join hands in addressing the financial crunch caused by the excessive concentration of resources and discrimination against Kerala. He affirmed the government's commitment to maintaining existing benefits and ensuring continued development activities without any setbacks.

During his address, Balagopal attributed Kerala's financial struggles partly to the economic policies of the central government, emphasizing the state's resilience and its significant contributions to the nation's progress. He urged for concerted efforts to mitigate the impact of central neglect and vowed to persevere in safeguarding Kerala's interests while striving for economic growth and prosperity.

Live Updates: Kerala Budget 2024 Focuses on Economic Growth and Revenue

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