Kerala: KCBC denies conflicts among Churches, calls for harmony,

Kochi: Kerala Catholic Bishops’ Council (KCBC), on Wednesday said that the council rejects attempts to create an impression that any kind of division or tension exists between Churches. The developments comes in the wake of the ongoing controversies regarding 'Narcotic Jihad' and rejected attempts to portray that there is any kind of divisions between churches.

KCBC in Wednesday’s statement did not directly refer to the narcotic jihad remark. The statement said that the council rejects the tendencies to harm religious harmony by exaggerating and misinterpreting the ‘warnings’ given out with the aim of preserving life in society.

The KCBC urged that when social evils are pointed out, strong action should be taken by conducting detailed studies and serious investigations without deviating from the real issues by adding other colours to it. "In such cases, the KCBC rejects the covert attempts to portray that there are divisions between churches," it said.  The statement said that the Council unanimously rejects practices that undermine religious harmony and healthy co-existence by maliciously interpreting and exaggerating the warnings of pastors aimed at the prosperous life of the community. The Council further added that the Kerala Catholic Church is a community that makes valuable contributions to the religious harmony and cultural harmony of Kerala through educational, charitable and social equality initiatives.

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