Kerala: Manarcad Church wants to protect its right
Kerala: Manarcad Church wants to protect its right

The state of Kerala is now witnessing new developments. With a settlement, discussions began by Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan to bring peace between the warring Jacobite and Orthodox factions of Malankara Church that was being scheduled for Monday. It was a meeting of the administrative committee of St Mary’s Jacobite Syrian Cathedral in Manarcad that held on Sunday resolved to seek all possible means to defend its right over the church. Though the church is presently under the control of the Jacobite faction, a Kottayam sub-court had ordered the administration to hand over the cathedral to the Orthodox faction.

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The Church committee claimed that the Orthodox party was trying to sow the seeds of unrest in the harmonious situation in Manarcad. It also noted that the opposing faction is eying the cathedral’s wealth, which was the objective behind securing the court order. Kuriakose Cor Episcopa, vicar of the cathedral stated, “The allegations leveled against St Mary’s cathedral in Manarcad are baseless. It will always remain the way it is now."

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He further added that the Manarcad church has over 13,000 adult parishioners of 3,000 families, who are residing in 12 regions in five panchayats of Kottayam district and the areas are known for communal harmony. Kuriakose Core Episcopa was quoted saying, “This cathedral is known as the storehouse of peace and prosperity. However, when the church, built by the forefathers with their sweat, grew into what it is today, other group was trying to usurp the right eying its wealth. They should come to the path of peace and become a member of the Church of Christ."

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