Kerala YouTuber 'Mallu Traveller' Faces Lookout Notice Amidst Allegations of Sexual Assault

Kochi, Kerala - September 25, 2023: A lookout notice has been issued for Shakir Subhan, widely known as 'Mallu Traveller,' a renowned travel vlogger hailing from Kerala, in connection with allegations of sexual assault involving a Saudi Arabian woman.

The incident reportedly transpired on September 13, a Wednesday, at a hotel in Kochi. Shakir Subhan was conducting an interview with a Saudi Arabian woman who has been residing in Kochi for an extended period. According to the woman, during the incident, Shakir allegedly attempted to assault her while her fiancé briefly stepped out of the hotel room. The case has been officially registered by the Ernakulam Central Police.

Responding to the complaint filed by the 29-year-old Saudi Arabian woman, law enforcement authorities have taken swift action by issuing a lookout notice against Shakir Subhan. This notice serves as a red flag for authorities at airports and border crossings, ensuring that if Shakir attempts to enter Kerala, he will be apprehended for further questioning. Furthermore, the police have summoned Shakir to appear before the investigative team to provide his statement regarding the allegations.

The delay in initiating action against the YouTuber was primarily due to his absence from the country when the complaint was initially filed. The police had previously requested his prompt cooperation with the investigation. Meanwhile, the complainant's confidential statement has been recorded before a Magistrate as an integral part of the ongoing investigation.

In response to the allegations, Shakir Subhan has taken to social media to vehemently deny the accusations, maintaining his innocence.

Shakir Subhan had gained significant fame for his travel videos, amassing a considerable following for his vlogs. One of his notable videos involved him meticulously following quarantine protocols as per government instructions before the Covid-19 pandemic gained momentum in India. His efforts to educate the public on safety measures during the pandemic earned widespread praise on social media.

As the investigation unfolds, the Kerala YouTuber's future hangs in the balance, with authorities determined to uncover the truth behind the allegations of sexual assault.

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