Kerala's famous film director Ali Akbar announces to quit Islam

Kochi: On the one hand, the sacrifice of 13 heroes, including Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) General Bipin Rawat, has been mourned across the country, while on the other hand, some fundamentalists are mourning the passing away of the country's real hero. Hurt by this, Ali Akbar, director of Malayali films in Kerala, has announced his return to Hinduism, leaving Islam. On Facebook Live, director Ali Akbar said he was abandoning Islam.

Ali Akbar said that after the sacrifice of CDS Bipin Rawat, many people were celebrating on Facebook in protest against which he is abandoning Islam. According to the report, Akbar shot a live video on Facebook after the death of CDS Bipin Rawat on December 8, 2021, but Facebook suspended the film director's account for a month, calling it racial. The film director then created another Facebook account and came live through it and announced his renunciation of Islam. The film director, who paid homage to CDS Rawat through Facebook, said, "This cannot be accepted. That is why I am leaving my religion, neither mine nor my family has any other religion. 'I'm throwing a piece of clothes I was born with,' he said on Facebook Live. In fact, when Ali Akbar started making live videos on the valour of CDS Rawat, some radical Muslims mocked him by putting thousands of laughing emojis on his video, hurting his feelings.


On the issue, A Twitter user Pratish Vishwanath has said that famous Malayalam film director Ali Akbar is converting to Hinduism and changing his name to Ramsimhan. It was great to see the present generation of Islam, whose ancestors were forcibly converted, returning to the roots.

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