Singer Kerry Katona spends time with her ex after husband's death!

Aug 29 2019 01:37 PM
Singer Kerry Katona spends time with her ex after husband's death!

Hollywood Fame singer Kerry Katona has given her relationship with her ex-boyfriend Ryan Mahoney another chance. According to a report of, a line from 'Niu' magazine has talked about her reunion with Mahoney by Kerry, as well as her husband George died last month. She was handled by Mahoney only after his death.

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Kerry recently said that "he had been a good friend of mine and for the past few months we have decided to give it another chance and now recently when I needed him most, he was a godly blessing for me. My children love him and I do too." Kerry has five children. Kerry wants to keep her relationship away from the media eye.

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Kerry went on to say that "the definition of crazy in my mind is that when you do the same thing again and again and expect different results. That's why this time I'm finally dating a person who has work, has his own money and is very happy to stay away from the media." The two had separated after four months of dating in October of 2018.

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