Khadi India introduces 'Vedic paint' made of cow-dung
Khadi India introduces 'Vedic paint' made of cow-dung

New Delhi: A few years ago, when people lived in mud houses, they used cow dung for walls to floors. After the development of urban civilization in modern times, the spread of cow dung on the walls was replaced by distillates, emulsions and plastic paints. Now the Khadi and Village Industries Commission has created a 'Vedic paint' by using cow dung.

This natural paint of Khadi India is still free of stench even after it is made of cow dung. It is completely odourless and does not contain toxic substances such as common distillates or paints. There are anti-viral properties because of the cow dung. In the era of corona epidemics, people's tendency has increased from anti-viral toothbrushes to laminates. The paint will also give competition to anti-viral paints of many other companies in the market.

Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has also certified the paint after being tested on its standards. It has been tested at three major labs in the country, National Test House, Mumbai and Ghaziabad and Sri Ram Institute for Industrial Research, New Delhi. Common paints contain harmful heavy metals such as lead, mercury (mercury), cadmium, chromium. While khadi's 'natural paint' does not contain any such metal.

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