Kharge's Temper Flares at Election Rally, BJP Mocks Him as a 'Rubber Stamp President'
Kharge's Temper Flares at Election Rally, BJP Mocks Him as a 'Rubber Stamp President'

During a campaign rally in Telangana, Congress Chief Mallikarjun Kharge found himself at the center of a controversy as he lost his composure, drawing criticism from BJP IT Cell chief Amit Malviya. Malviya seized the opportunity to label Kharge as a "Rubber Stamp President' in a sardonic remark following a video surfacing on social media showing Kharge visibly agitated with disruptions from the audience.

The video captures Kharge expressing frustration due to constant interruptions during his speech. In it, he can be heard admonishing the crowd, stating, "Sit silently, if you don’t want to listen, get out. You are saying whatever is coming to your mouth. Listen if you want to, otherwise move on your way."

Asserting his position within the party, Kharge reminded the audience that he holds the role of the party president, demanding respect from them.

Malviya shared the video online, highlighting Kharge's apparent lack of authority over his party workers, insinuating a diminishing role within the party. He pointed out the minimal presence of Kharge in campaign materials compared to other prominent Congress figures such as Rahul Gandhi and Ashok Gehlot.

Additionally, Malviya raised concerns about whether Kharge's Dalit identity was contributing to his alleged sidelining within the Congress.

The BJP leader commented, "This is not an isolated incident. Despite being the Congress President, Kharge ji faces humiliation at his public gatherings. He struggles to command respect from his workers who blatantly disregard him."


Highlighting a concerning trend, Malviya further added, "The Gandhis have relegated him to a mere figurehead President. In Rajasthan's advertisements, his photos have either disappeared or shrunk in size, unlike the dominant display of Rahul Gandhi and Gehlot. Is the Congress disrespecting Mr. Kharge owing to his Dalit background?"

The Telangana Assembly elections, comprising 119 seats, are scheduled for November 30, with the results set to be announced on December 3.

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