Khargone: The rioters had robbed the daughter's dowry, now Mama Shivraj is getting married

Khargone: The marriage of Laxmi, daughter of the Muchhal family of Khargone, was postponed after violence during the Ram Navami procession in Khargone, Madhya Pradesh. Here the rioters had destroyed the dowry of Lakshmi's marriage and due to this, Lakshmi and her brother had put their complaint in front of the Chief Minister and the Minister in charge. In such a situation, the Chief Minister had assured the Muchhal family through video conferencing that he himself would get Lakshmi married. Now after the atmosphere in Khargone has improved, the Muchhal family has again started preparing for the marriage.

However, this time along with the Muchhal family, the administration is also preparing for Lakshmi's wedding. Yes and now there is a possibility that Chief Minister Shivraj Singh can also attend Lakshmi's wedding. Yes, at this time the house of Khargone's daughter Lakshmi is buzzing with the arrival of guests and henna is being applied in Lakshmi's hands. In such a situation, it is believed that CM Shivraj can also come to Khargone for Lakshmi's wedding, regarding which top police and administration officials and BJP officials met Lakshmi's family members and took stock of the arrangements. Let us tell you that Lakshmi's brother Satish says that almost all the preparations for the wedding have been completed. A few days ago, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh also spoke to Lakshmi and her family members through video call.

At that time he had talked about Lakshmi's marriage and asked about the arrangements. Along with this, he also talked about joining the marriage. Not only this, Shivraj Singh had talked about bearing the entire expenses of Lakshmi's marriage. Apart from him, the minister in charge of the district, Kamal Patel, while talking on video conferencing said that I am your elder brother, I will bear all the expenses of the wedding. Let us tell you that on April 10, during the Ram Navami procession, violence broke out in Khargone. During that time there were incidents of arson and looting in the houses of many families including Lakshmi. In fact, Lakshmi's marriage was to be held on April 14 and the procession was about to come from Gujarat, although the miscreants looted all the wedding items during the riots. Now Lakshmi's marriage is going to happen on May 20 and the government will bear the entire cost of the wedding.

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