Ayodhya case: BJP MLA Vikram Saini claims, Muslims are also descendant of Lord Ram

Muzaffarnagar: The Supreme Court continues to hear the Ram Janmabhoomi controversy. The case has been settled since the court sought evidence of Ram's descendant. Everyone is claiming to be a descendant of Shri Ram himself. BJP MLA Vikram Saini from Khatuli assembly seat of Janpad Muzaffarnagar on Sunday also claimed to be a descendant of Ram.

At the same time, he has said that he can give evidence to the Supreme Court that Ram is a descendant of Ram, so the Ram temple should be built as soon as possible. Saini has demanded the construction of the Ram temple as soon as possible, terming many castes of their society as descendants of Ram. Saini said, "The case of the Ram Janmabhoomi dispute is in court. We are all descendants of Lord Rama. Lord Ram was the king of Ayodhya, where the structure of the Babri Masjid was built by breaking the temple. There were a lot of wars in which a lot of people were martyred, many Hindu heroes sacrificed their lives, it is known to everybody. In history, Hindus were forcibly made Muslims during Aurangzeb's rule, so Muslims are also descendants of Lord Rama."

Vikas Saini, the national president of the Indian Farmers Union, supported Naresh Tikait's claim, saying, "Balayan Khap will also have some evidence, very good if Tikat describes himself as a descendant of Ram. We are all descendants of Lord Rama. I say one thing which is Saini, Kushwaha, Maurya, Mali, Shakya, Kamboj, Reddy, they are descendants of Lord Rama. Like Kushwaha. Kush was the son of Lord Rama, we are the Saini, we are descendants of Sutra Saini."

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