Khorkuto update for January 7: Kanakbala has arrived at the Mukherjee household

Soujanya plans a family feast in the newest episode of Khorkuto. Siddheshwar, on the other hand, requests that he first purchase decorations for Gungun. Potka's therapy required her to sell her baubles. When they're talking about Soujanya's office afterwards, Gungun inquires about Tinni. Soujanya is enraged at the topic. Siddheshwar and Gungun pity Tinni, who is an intelligent woman who has deliberately harassed Soujanya.

Kanakbala, Siddheshwar's aunt, arrives at the Mukherjee home. She finally sees them after a long time and is greeted warmly. She expresses regret for not being able to attend Soujanya's wedding and expresses her desire to meet Gungun. She appears to be a rigorous individual. After meeting her, Gungun is already aware of her stern attitude and does not express any excitement.

Kanakbala begins to find flaws in everything and relentlessly criticises Gungun, which enrages her. Mishti appears to be on Gungun's side. Kanakbala becomes enraged when Gungun responds appropriately. Soujanya expresses regret to her. Later, Siddheshwar's aunt presents Gungun with a gold earring, which surprises him. She expresses her thanks and asks questions about the reason for her abrupt change of behaviour.

Kanakbala is flabbergasted when Gungun asks Mishti to store the earring in a secure place. Mishti tells that the Mukherjees share whatever they have. Kanakbala is here for whatever reason that none of the family members are aware of. She intends to cause havoc in the Mukherjee home.

Kanakbala inquires about Soujanya's earnings, which makes Siddheshwar uneasy. He says that Soujanya pays him his income in the same way as other members do, and that he looks after the home. Kanakbala is envious of the sight of a happy family. She remembers her children refusing to give her money. The Mukherjees, on the other hand, have an unique culture.

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