Khorkuto Update: Potka feels emotional after learning about Gungun's sacrifice

Potka had surgery in the most recent episode of Khorkuto. In the hospital, Soujanya, Koushik, and Gungun meet him. They breathe a sigh of relief when they see him. Potka inquires about the rest of the family. Siddheshwar, Nonibala, and the rest of the family were all excited to hear about Soujanya's health.Gungun is eager to take him home, but Koushik asks that Potka be hospitalised for a while. Potka is concerned about the costs and believes Koushik will have to shoulder them completely. Mukherjee family did not take a single dime from Koushik, according to Koushik.

The other family members waiting in the lobby are restless while Soujanya and Gungun converse with Potka. They'd like to meet Potka as well. Riju, Mishti, and Chini become agitated and question why they are taking so long. Potka, on the other hand, is embarrassed since he knows Koushik will have to pay for his therapy. Gungun had sold her jewellery to raise the funds, and Koushik had no idea. He believes it was orchestrated by the Mukherjee family. Soujanya finally tells the truth.

Potka's emotional discovery of the truth takes on a new meaning. Gungun, on the other hand, does not believe she made a sacrifice and instead believes it is her responsibility. Gungun is afterwards praised by the entire family. The Mukherjee family spends some quality time together. They have a visitor on the way. Their Pisima will arrive, according to Siddheshwar. He requests that Gungun follow Pisima, who is a little stern. A naughty Gungun refuses to listen to it and says that she will not observe any regulations.

Family members have a hard time persuading her. Gungun likes to tease Siddheshwar.Soujanya later prepares a feast for the Mukherjee family and expresses his desire to cover the costs. He asks Siddheshwar for permission to carry out his scheme.

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