Khukumoni Home Delivery update: New twist, Khukumoni goes against Nipa
Khukumoni Home Delivery update: New twist, Khukumoni goes against Nipa

Khukumoni brings Bihan to the dinner table in the most latest episode of Khukumoni Home Delivery. Nipa isn't pleased, and Bihan is asked to leave right away.

Bhisma also wants to leave the table, but Khukumoni tells him to stay. She offers to feed Bhisma the meal she has made. Nipa, who wants Bhisma to eat a continental dish, isn't pleased. Khukumoni walks to the kitchen to prepare meals. Nipa orders Palash to beat up Bihan and make sure he doesn't dine with the others. Bihan, who is helpless, asks Khukumoni's help. She prepares to smack Palash, but she restrains herself. Palash is asked to release Bihan.

Meanwhile, after hearing the disturbance, Basudha enters the dining hall. Khukumoni attempts to keep the situation hidden as first, but she eventually finds that Nipa is furious because Bihan is eating with everyone. She storms out of the establishment, enraged. When Shree accuses Khukumoni of making her mother angry, she (Khukumoni) recounts Bihan's plight, wherein he has been confined to his chamber for years. Basudha is pleased to see Khukumoni fighting for Bihan's rights.

Khukumoni goes against Nipa and serves Bengali cuisine to her father-in-law. Although Bhisma is hesitant to think of Nipa at first, she ultimately appreciates Khukumoni's cooking. Bihan is encouraged to eat on his own.Everyone is shocked when they see Bihan eating rice on his own. Bihan, who is overjoyed, tries to feed Nipa, but the latter smacks him. Khukumoni expresses his displeasure and issues a warning to Nipa.

She calms Bihan down by asking him to feed his father instead. When Bihan feeds him rice, Bhisma's eyes become wet. He gives Bihan a big embrace, which makes him very happy. Khukumoni and Basudha are overjoyed to meet the father-son team. Khukumoni makes it clear that Bihan will no longer eat with others.

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