Kice, as the modern-day DJ and producer from Chicago, enthralls all with his music endeavors.
Kice, as the modern-day DJ and producer from Chicago, enthralls all with his music endeavors.

Giving hits like Pusher, Bailer, and How Do You Feel, DJ and producer Kice has emerged as a unique musical artist.

The kind of success and the level of momentum a few individuals, professionals, entrepreneurs, experts, and artists have attained in their careers have only gone ahead in infusing the minds and hearts of other budding talents with more positivity, hope, enthusiasm, and motivation. This eventually helps then inspire the rising talented beings across the world and make them believe in the power of their dreams. It was the powerful dreams of DJ and producer Kice that helped him become a prominent name in the industry he is today. Speaking on the same, DJ Kice says, “It is essential for up-and-comers to believe in their innate skills and talents, be it in any industry and make the most of every day and every opportunity to become their best versions in all that they choose to do in their lives and career.”

Hailing from Chicago, the passionate DJ has managed to win hearts and turn heads of the audiences for his performances at some of the most popular festivals and nightclubs in the world. Also, DJ Kice is the one who attained a distinguished name for himself in the industry for teaming with incredible instrumentalists in his popular DJ featuring live music sets. It was in 2007 when he had first emerged in the DJing scene with his major set at Bon V Nightclub Chicago. The success he gained through being a DJ and producer motivated him to initiate a one-of-a-kind artist management and music consulting agency called Treblemonsters, servicing top-tier international talent and venues in the US. His clients consist of globally recognized names in the corporate, nightlife, and hospitality sectors.

Apart from that, Kice also attained massive momentum and success as a touring act integrating Treblemonsters’ artists and his original music with sets at Hard Rock, PRYSM Nightclub, Northern Nights Music Festival, Burning Man, Sound-Bar Nightclub, and other renowned venues. Kice for giving back during trying times like Covid, also founded Chicago Entertainment Relief, for helping unemployed artists with discounted food, economic resources, and relief. Besides that, he even initiated his initiative called Bring Out The Creative, which uses virtual reality for creating a real experience like performing in person, attracting high-performing artists and hundreds of viewers regularly.

Doing so much and still working towards doing so much more for contributing to the music realm as a whole, DJ and producer Kice ( has truly won hearts.

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