All episodes of Pokemon to be presented in multiple languages

The character Pokemon, which has fascinated children for decades in the midst of rapidly increasing consumption of entertainment content in India coupled with the expansion of the Internet, is now set to interact directly with children in more Indian languages. The more than 8 lakh subscribers of the Hindi channel launched on Pokemon's YouTube has made the company more excited to make long-term plans for its expansion in India. The company has now launched a series called Pokemon Journeys on this channel. Pokemon will soon be seen talking among children in Tamil and Telugu as well as in the Bengali language for the first time soon.

According to media reports, Japan's Pokemon company has announced an India-centric content strategy to increase the audience and subscriber figures of its Youtube. After the huge success of the Hindi channel, the company is also set to launch its new Pokemon Anime series Pokemon Journeys in Telugu, Tamil and Bengali languages. Pokemon, the company has also found more than one lakh new customers in less than 3 months on a Hindi Youtube channel called Asia Official.

Looking at the popularity of Pokemon in India, Susumu Fukunaga, executive officer of Pokemon company, also speaks about the release of its series in Indian languages, "A lot of people have watched episodes dubbed in the Hindi of Pokemon Anime that has appeared on our channel since October 2021. I am also happy that many more people in India will be able to enjoy Pokemon anime as for the first time we are going to present dubbed episodes in Tamil, Telugu and Bengali. The Pokemon Unite launched in India in September 2021 and the different pokemon that appeared in Pokemon Go, which cheered the audience as they celebrated their 5th anniversary in 2021, will also be seen again in the story.”

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