Kids will love the delicious cake pops, very easy to make"

If you are fond of sweet food and like to eat cake pops, then today we are going to tell you how you can make delicious cake pops. Delicious cake pops are just as delicious to eat as they look good. So let us tell you today how to make delicious cake pops. This method is easy and you will not waste much time in making it.

Ingredients to make Delicious Cake Pops-

half cup oil
a cup of sugar
one cup coconut powder
two cups flour
tsp baking soda, butter.

Method of making Delicious Cake Pops - To make this, first take a vessel. Now clean it thoroughly. You wipe it with a cloth. After that, after applying butter in it, take a cake base and crush it. Now put chocolate sauce in it and give it a ball shape. Now roll in melted chocolate. After this, you bake in the microwave at 180 to 35 degrees. Now put sprinkles on top. Here it is ready for you to make Lalliz Cake Pops. Serve it now. We are sure that it will be liked by everyone in your house, be it your children or guests.

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