Kim Jong's brutality again comes to the fore, punishes General

Jun 12 2019 09:51 AM
Kim Jong's brutality again comes to the fore, punishes General

Seoul: A media report has claimed that North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un has given a death sentence to a general in a tank full of piranha fish. Piranha fish are said to devour humans too.  According to a report by the Daily Star, a general allegedly turned a piranha into a fish tank full of the same inside Kim's residence.

The general was accused of attempting to overturn power. The report explained that in 1965, inspired by the James Bond film U Only Live Twice, the sentence has been carried out. The film was similarly filmed with the death penalty. However, even before North Korea has been reported to have repeatedly sentenced officials to death. But on some occasions, such reports have proved to be wrong, and the people who have been claimed to be dead have come back to the fore.

The news of the North Korean ruler's sentencing of 16 high officials to death was also in the media some time ago because of the failure to compromise with the United States. Piranha fish's teeth are very sharp and can rip-off in minutes. Media reports claimed that the tank had a large number of piranha fish floated from Brazil in which the general was dumped. However, the name of the general has not been disclosed.

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