The agitating child of 'Ticket Camp' went viral, said- Govt tell where to come...

New Delhi: Farmers are agitating at various borders of Delhi against three agricultural laws brought by the Central government. Apart from the elderly, ex-servicemen, women, and celebrities, the agitating farmers have also got the support of children. One such young soldier who came out in support of the farmers is Angad Singh. Angad is originally from Bharatpur in Rajasthan. Eight-year-old Angad, who was studying in class III, recently appeared at a camp in Rakesh Tikait of Bharatiya Kisan Union (Bhakiu).

When the media members saw Angad there and asked him questions, he started counting the alleged losses of agricultural laws and asked the government to tell him when and where to come to the farmers. Talking to the media on Thursday, he said that he has registered his participation in the Kisan movement and has gone to all the borders other than the Ghazipur border (became the centre of agitation). Asked why this movement is taking place. Angad replied that the farmers are agitating for their rights. They want three black laws to be repealed and MSP guaranteed. 'The law is a law, what is black and white?' The child replied, 'The first law is about mandi. The second law is storage and the third is contract farming.'

Angad said, "The first law is that a farmer can sell his crop anywhere, but why should the farmer not go to the market near him, pay the toll and drive elsewhere to sell the crop? The next point is on storage. Earlier there was a limit that you cannot store the crop more than that, but now the storage limit has been removed. They say they can store no matter how much they can. When big industrialists store everything, there will be a bid for hunger and flour in small packets. The third law is that the company will contract with the farmer and fix a price, but the price of the crop of the farmer who does not want to do farming under the contract is not fixed at all. For this, there is a need to enact a law on MSP.''

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