A girl did such a thing to meet actress Anushka Sharma, surprised everyone!

Agra: A surprising case has come out of Mainpuri district of Uttar Pradesh, the country's largest state. A teenager from Kishni area ran away from home to meet actress Anushka Sharma. The police recovered her from the New Delhi railway station. The woman was brought to the police station on Saturday. During police interrogation, the woman told that she wanted to go to Mumbai and meet actress Anushka Sharma.

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That is why she ran away from home. The family became worried as the girl went missing. They breathed a sigh of relief when the girl got found. The same girl, a resident of Kishni police station area, went out a few days ago by telling that she went to bring wheat for home. She did not return home after this. Even after much research, when no one was detected, then her missing report was filed on behalf of her brother.

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Mainpuri police was engaged in the search of the girl. Due to this, the girl's location was found in Delhi. On this, the police left for Delhi. Police recovered the girl from a railway station in Delhi. On Saturday, the police reached her with Kishni police station. In the same inquiry, she said that she wanted to go to Mumbai. She saw a program on television. After this, she was very impressed with actress Anushka Sharma. She wanted to go to Mumbai and meet the actress. She also stole five thousand rupees from home to go to Mumbai. Police got the girl's medical test done. After this, she was handed over to the family. This matter has shocked everyone.

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